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Bali: Salsa Nights

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Dance

As Salsa is my passion, it was the first thing I was looking for when I was on Bali; Where are the better salsa parties? It was difficult to find the right places in the beginning, but I have seen a few places, and you should definitely check them out. Here’s why.

Small salsa scene

The bars are small, but you don’t need a lot of space because I think only 100/200 locals dance salsa (maybe now a bit more). After one night of dancing salsa you have danced with every guy/girl on the island, and after three nights you know half of them by name, and after four nights you are practically friends. But I didn’t get bored at all to dance with the same guys/girls every night!

Gorgeous rice field in Bali

Pure perfection

The level of dancing is pretty high, they are unbelievably creative and will surprise you over and over again. There was this Indonesian guy who was a fantastic leader, but also one of the best followers. Sometimes he was dancing as female and really, I could just stare at him for half an hour and think: I wish I were that graceful and creative and… the way he made his turns… phew, pure perfection!

“Dancing on heels should count as a superpower”

The locals

The locals are friendly, enthusiastic and not afraid to express themselves on the dancefloor. The guys are not that tall, but they will never make you feel like a giant because they can easily lead you. So even with my 1.76m (which is pretty tall for Bali standards), I had no problems whatsoever.

Photograph by Michael Afonso Unsplash

Detailed information:

These are the bars at Seminyak that have latin nights (check with a local if the info is still relevant, things change!):
Warung made, Friday-Sunday
Bahiana bar, Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday
Havana, Thursday-Sunday


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