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Sevilla: Bachata Baby

by | Aug 25, 2018 | Dance

Imagine Dirty Dancing 2.0… There you go.. That’s the Bachata in Spain. It’s great.

Bachata Romantica

In the Latin scene of Sevilla and Spain in general, Bachata is amazingly popular. Everyone dances like nobody’s watching, and it looks excellent. For me, as a passionate Dominican Bachata dancer, it took some time to get used to the Romantica style. It didn’t even come close to the bachata in the Netherlands. Only a few of the best show dancers dance like this in the Netherlands. The first few songs I was watching people dancing to get the courage to go out on the dancefloor. After the first cultural shock, I picked myself up and started to love the way they dance.

Nobody puts Baby in the corner

The guys start by slowly swaying left to right to get a connection with the lady. They close their eyes; the music is telling them what to do, not their feet. Bachata Romantica is very close to each other, but you can see it is in a very respectful and loveable way. Guys are trying to give the lady the time of her life. It is her time to shine and forget all the troubles in her world. Everyone looks like they are having a terrific time, I guess they have found the recipe to ultimate happiness!

“Bachata causes a sudden and prolonged increase in confidence, uncontrollable singing and a feeling of ecstasy. Proceed with caution”

Bar Caramelo.

The place to go for some excellent Bachata and Salsa is ‘Bar Caramelo’. When we were there at the beginning of 2017, Kizomba was just starting. I am guessing it is bigger now and part of the Latin parties. The bar is not really in the Centre of Sevilla, but believe me, if you love Latin, you should not miss this. The best night for a party is Friday. They will have lessons for only 3 euros. You will even get free sandwiches!

On Saturday they will still have a Latin DJ, but the bar will be open for everyone, so you won’t have enough space to dance with a partner.

Bachata Romantica in Bar Caramelo.

Detailed information:

AdressBar Caramelo: Av. San Francisco Javier, 24, 41018 Sevilla
Facebook: Academia Muevete en Caramelo

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