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Global Dance Trips uses cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information that are sent to your browser during the visit of this website and then stored on the hard disk or in the memory of the device with which you visit our website. These cookies will not damage your devices.

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Article 1. Which cookies do we use?

Here you can find an overview of the cookies that we use on the website and why we do this.

Global Dance Trips uses functional cookies. These ensure that the website works well so that we can show you which products and services we offer.

To make this website work and to optimise it, we use analytics services. We have a commercial interest in using your surfing behaviour and related data to analyse our service and our offers and to improve it where necessary. We will track your use of the website with services like Google Analytics and Cloudflare. These services place analytical cookies.

However, we find it very important to protect your privacy. That is why we have taken the following measures regarding the analytical cookies that are placed by these services to minimise your privacy: We have entered into a processor agreement with these processors, and we allow a part of your IP address to be encrypted.

Global Dance Trips uses affiliate marketing. We use affiliate cookies to determine whether we should pay a fee to one of our partners when you have come to this website through them. We also use affiliate cookies to determine whether one of our partners should pay a fee to us when you click through to their websites.

We have placed social plugins on our website. With these social share buttons, you can share our messages and pages on your platforms. Through the use of these buttons, services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and other platforms linked to our website place cookies on your device. These will mainly be cookies that optimise your user experience, but they can also place tracking cookies that follow your surfing behaviour across multiple websites.

We also use tracking cookies from third parties, including Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager on the website to make you personalised offers based on your surfing behaviour. Your device will be recognised if you visit another website on the same advertising range after visiting our website. This allows us to show our advertisements on that other website. However, we only use this information to show you those advertisements and will never link this to other files. We also use these tools for click tracking and split testing.

Finally, Global Dance Trips uses other techniques as well. This website uses Javascript.

Article 2. Delete cookies

If you no longer wish Global Dance Trips to place cookies, you can indicate in your browser settings that you do not accept cookies and delete all placed cookies. You must indicate this on every computer and in every browser you use.

Article 3. Final provisions

We advise you to check this statement regularly because we can make changes to the policy. Changes will be announced on the website. If you have questions about this statement or the cookies we use, you can send an email to

History Notes

Effective date: Monday, 29 October 2018.


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