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Minors can only participate independently in a Dance Trip organised by GDT, with a permission declaration signed by a parent or legal guardian.

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Guardian Consent Form

Name of child (hereafter minor):
Date of birth:
Dance Trip:
Departure date:
Return date:
Name of parent or legal guardian:
Phone number:
Email address:

I/We hereby give my permission for the above named minor to travel and participation in the lessons and activities in the dance trip mentioned above. I/We understand and accept the conditions for our minor to travel. I/We stay responsible for the minor. I/We have read and agreed with the Terms and Conditions which apply to the dance trip.

I/We acknowledge that Global Dance Trips (GDT) does not provide any insurance to cover the minor and that I/we am/are responsible for the costs of any illness or injury resulting from the minor’s participation on this dance trip.

I/We understand that GDT, and its dance teachers or third parties are not responsible for any claims arising from or in connection with the minor attending the dance trip or in connection with any illness or injury (including death). GDT is also not responsible for the costs of medical treatment in connection therewith unless such claim arises from the negligence of GDT and/or its dance teachers.

In case the minor misbehaves during the trip, I/we understand GDT is allowed to remove the minor from the dance trip immediately.

Signature of the Parent or Legal Guardian:


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